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The Ultimate Quilling Kit

Little Circles

The Ultimate Quilling Kit

$ 79.95

The Ultimate Quilling Kit has everything you need to take up the art of quilling! It goes beyond the basics and provides you with multiple tools and accessories to quill art, jewelry, 3D projects & much more. 

Included in The Ultimate Quilling Kit:

  • Clear Sterilite Storage Container w/ Removable Lid
  • 200+ strips of 1/8" Culture Pop Quilling Paper (Equal to more than 4 packs!)
  • 200+ Strips of 1/4" Culture Pop Quilling Paper (Equal to more than 4 packs!)
  • Quilling Comb
  • Paper Bead Tool
  • Quilling Coil Guide
  • Quilling Tweezers
  • Complete Set of Quilling Needle Forms
  • Slotted Quilling Needle w/ Piercing Tool Tip
  • Paper Snippers
  • Quilling Paper Nippers
  • Quilling Glue in Needle Tip Applicator Bottle
  • 3D Quilling Mold
  • Quilling Ruler w/ Quilling Coil Sizer
  • Immediate Download PDF of The Ultimate Guide To Making Quilled Shapes

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