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Little Circles Golden Tickets

Little Circles Golden Ticket

(To learn how to redeem a found ticket, scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions)


What are LC Golden Tickets?

LC Golden Tickets are little surprises that can be found on the inside of Little Circles quilling paper (all varieties & widths) that can be redeemed for discounts and prizes!

How do I find one?

All customers who purchase quilling paper from Little Circles have a chance to win. There are 50 golden tickets in circulation at any given time. Once a prize has been claimed, it will be added back into the pool of possible prizes.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can find and redeem?

Nope! If you are lucky enough to find more than one, you get to redeem the prize or discount.

Is there a way to have a better chance at finding a golden ticket?

Beyond the obvious - the more packages you purchase, the better your chances - no, all tickets are placed randomly in our stock.

Do I need to reside in the US to participate? 

No, anyone in the world is welcome to participate, however, if you reside outside the United States, you will be responsible for shipping and any taxes that your country of origin may charge.

How long do I have to redeem my ticket/prize?

The tickets are redeemable indefinitely, however the prize can not be added back into circulation until it has been claimed. Once a ticket has been redeemed, you will have 1 year to claim your prize. 

Can I combine my winnings with other sales or offers?

No, only one promotional offer may be used per order. 

What about shipping?

All winners will be subject to shipping charges on physical prizes, however you can combine your winnings with a qualifying order to obtain free shipping.

What can I win?

That's the best question! Here is a complete list of discounts and prizes that are in circulation at any given time:

Golden Ticket Prizes


  • 10% Discount 10 TICKETS IN CIRCULATION
  • 20 % Discount 3 TICKETS IN CIRCULATION
  • 25 % Discount 1 TICKETS IN CIRCULATION
  • 30 % Discount 1 TICKETS IN CIRCULATION
  • 40 % Discount 1 TICKET IN CIRCULATION
  • 50 % Discount  1 TICKET IN CIRCULATION
  • $20 Gift Certificate Code 3 TICKETS IN CIRCULATION
  • $50 Gift Certificate Code 1 TICKETS IN CIRCULATION
  • $100 Gift Certificate Code 1 TICKET IN CIRCULATION
  • Complete Set Motif printed quilling paper strips in both 1/8" (3mm) & 1/4" (6mm) Sizes (16 packs - $39.20 value) 1 TICKET IN CIRCULATION
  • Complete Set On Edge card stock strips in either 1/8" (3mm) OR 1/4" (6mm) size (50 packs - up to $187.50 Value) 1 TICKET IN CIRCULATION
  • Complete Set Culture Pop quilling paper in either 1/8" (3mm) OR 1/4" (6mm) size (140 packs - up to $350 value) 1 TICKET IN CIRCULATION


How do I redeem my ticket and find out what I won?

Congratulations! You found a Little Circles Golden Ticket! Please read and follow the instructions below exactly to redeem your prize. All steps must be followed in order for prize to be issued and the golden ticket to be added back into circulation.

Redeem Little Circles Golden Ticket

Step 1) Initial & date your ticket in the space provided. 

Step 2) Take a picture of your initialed and dated ticket and upload it in a post to the Little Circles Facebook PageMake sure that your image is a nice and clear picture of your ticket - each ticket has a unique code that is linked to a specific prize - the code must be visible in the image to find out what you won.

Step 3) In the comments section, tag me (LittleCirclesEPC or Erin Perkins Curet) and type out your ticket code.

Step 4) Message me through Facebook Messenger on the Little Circles Page to let me know that you found a ticket. In the message, please include the following information:


  • Your Name
  • Your Address 
  • The email used when you last purchased paper from Little Circles or an order confirmation number
  • The ticket code (again)
  • Best way to get your prize code and information to you (email, text message, phone, etc.)


Step 5) After verifying all your information, I will post your prize in the comments of the ticket image that you previously posted on the LC Facebook Page. Please allow 24 hours for prize information to be posted. If I have not posted within 24 hours, please message me again.

Step 6) I will follow up with your prize redemption code and further information via the information you previously messaged me within a day or two.

Step 7) You will have 365 days from the day you are given your prize code to redeem your winnings from

That's it! Good luck to all you quillers & happy hunting xoxo