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About Us

Little Circles is a labour of paper love first launched in 2008 by quilling paper artist and designer, Erin Curet. While spending a few years on the festival circuit selling quilled jewelry and mosaics alongside her wanderlust filled husband and children, Erin was thrilled to discover that people all over the country were not only enthralled with the art of quilling, but many wanted to get their hands rolling and learn quilling themselves!

In 2013, Erin and family (Troy, Marnie & Ethan) returned to their Northern Michigan home to officially inhabit the Little Circles studio and soon after launch their very first line of 24 quilling paper colors, Culture Pop. Since then the line has grown to offer more than 115 colors and is highly praised by quillers all over the world. 

Not content with just selling quilling products, Erin set out to create a community for quillers to quill together and learn from one another. The Little Circles website was created as a place to archive free online quilling tutorials and educational content. Soon after the LC Quill-Along group was formed - a welcoming Facebook group where quillers from all over the world gather and participate in group quilling projects lead by Erin, quilling contests & monthly challenges. It truly is a place of creativity and enthusiasm for all things quilling.

In 2015 the new Little Circles website launched; bringing all aspects of Erin's passions into one place: A quilling supply shop with some of the best quilling papers & tools in the world and a home for all of the exciting happenings, tutorials & educational content that Little Circles is known for.

Little Circles is constantly growing and evolving and becoming more fantastic. We hope you take a little time to check us out and join in on all the fun.

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